Saturday, 16 July 2016

Soft Serve Heaven- Regent Place

Let's face it. I don't care how soft serve was discovered. I'm just glad that it was.

You can believe that soft serve was brought into the world because of a serendipitous breakdown of an ice cream truck in 1934, or you can believe that a pre-political Margaret Thatcher worked as part of the team who created it. (Seriously, look up the origins. Both theories truly exist! I personally prefer the unicorn theory ) Either way, it's here, and it makes me oh so happy. 

If you're anything like me, you probably have a lot of questions about this magical stuff.
What is it about soft serve? Why can I eat it even after I've claimed that I'm full to the brim? Why does it seem like a great idea even on the coldest day of Winter? Why can't I get ANY MacDonald's to serve me one at 2am (when I need it most)?

A lot of it comes down to je ne sais qoui, but some of it can be explained. Soft serve has lower milk fat content than regular ice cream. It's served at a higher temperature. During the freezing process, soft serve mix is aerated. All of which create the comforting, light dessert, which we manage to squish in after our jeans get too tight.

I had a scratch that needed itching. I went to Regent Place, the foodie precinct tucked behind Town Hall Station (Sydney). It's Soft Serve Heaven, where ice cream is actually served on white fluffy clouds. A place where no filters are needed for your food pictures. Add a cherub playing a harp and you really won't know where you are.

Below are my findings (in order of eating).

Aqua S- Sea Salt and Coconut with Fairy Floss and Toasted Marshmallow
Soft Serve Flavour: Sea salt is a staple, and can never go wrong. The coconut with sea salt, pure perfection.
Soft Serve Texture: Light and fluffy, but somehow still decadent enough
Bells and Whistles: The cone (that you can't exactly see) is crisp, but could do with a bit of waffle-like buttery-ness. Maybe the marshmallow and fairy floss are a liiiitttle bit of overkill, but they are too fun to miss out on!

Aqua S- Sea Salt and Blueberry with Fairy Floss and Caramel Popcorn
Soft Serve Flavour: The blueberry flavour was slightly too artificial for my liking, but the sea salt held its own.
Soft Serve Texture: As above.
Bells and Whistles: As above, although the crunch of the popcorn is a nice touch.

Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees- Puffer Fish with Taro and Fruit Stick

Zero Degrees- Puffer Fish.
Left Side- Taro
Right Side- Tiramisu 
Soft Serve Flavour: Both the taro and tiramisu tasted a little too artificial. There was a definite lack of richness.
Soft Serve Texture: It seemed as though the soft serve wasn't quite aerated. I could feel graininess and density.
Bells and Whistles: The puffer fish was a bit of fun, but tasted and felt a bit like toast.

I'm sure it would be to the liking of others, but I can't say it was for me, particularly after Aqua S.

Chanoma Cafe- Matcha and Azuki
Soft Serve Flavour: Matcha (green tea) and azuki (red bean) actually match-a (hahaha). I love matcha, so a bit of earthiness never scares me off. Azuki was a little overpowered, but helped to cut through the intensity of the matcha,
Soft Serve Texture: Silky smooth, but not quite Aqua S smooth.
Bells and Whistles: The better cone of the lot, but I still would like that buttery waffle taste.

Now I confess that I did not try the following on the same day, but I feel the need to show you my all time favourite soft serve. You're welcome.

Aqua S- Sea Salt and Black Sesame
Aqua S- Sea Salt and Black Sesame

No words... Just wait for it to come back. It might be a while considering Aqua S' fortnightly rotation of flavours, but I promise you, it'll be worth it.

Until next time duckers ;)

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