Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Search for Sydney's Best Curry

Original Malaya Beef Curry- Recipe Unchanged For Over 50 Years
Winter is upon us...
 There's one surefire way to beat the cold. Eat the heat! I'm talking warm, hearty curry, with generous amounts of slow cooked beef, lamb or chicken, served with fragrant rice. 

When I was told that I'd find the best ever beef curry in a Malaysian restaurant, I was cynical. With all of the rich Indian, Thai and Chinese curries that I'd tried, I simply could not comprehend anything better. Since I never say no to new food (and I never say no to my future-in laws hehe), I ended up at The Malaya.

The Malaya- Darling Harbour

Harbour View
 Before tasting a thing, I was impressed by the perfect view and the immaculately kept kitchen. Maybe it's the OCD surfacing, maybe it's the controlling school teacher within, that can't even be switched off during holidays. Whatever it is, I love to see the inner workings of kitchens.

Let's not get too hasty and jump straight into the fire, I mean, curry. Entrees at the Malaya are definitely worth a mention. This spanner crab sang choy bow was perfectly balanced. The sweetness and natural flavour of the crab was complimented with subtle flavours, the crunch of water chestnut and the crisp lettuce leaf.

Spanner Crab Sang Choy Bow

Spanner Crab Sang Choy Bow
 At this point, I had decided that it couldn't get any better. I hate being wrong, but this time, I was soooo glad that I was. Four serves, absolutely demolished by our party of four. I'm talking ever drop of sauce, and even the coriander garnish.

So, what's so amazing about this curry? It's truly unique. Hints of creaminess, without being overpoweringly rich. Viscous enough to eat with the spoon, but no graininess. A range of spices that are so intricately mixed that you can't quite put your finger on how it's been put together. 

The bottom line. This curry is a must try.

Original Malaya Beef Curry
When I got home, I furiously researched this sorcery. I mean, how could anything compare to a Thai Red Duck Curry or an Indian Beef Rendang? The answer: Malaysia is a melting pot of culinary culture. Chinese, British and surprise, surprise Indian and Thai (just to name a few). Working with the best bits. Genius. It's no wonder The Malaya have not amended that recipe of theirs for over 50 years.

Oh, and you know how I'm all about that base, 'bout that base? In my travels a found that The Malaya sells their most popular bases:

Watch this space for the upcoming (almost) DIY attempt.

The Malaya- where it's worth stopping EVERYTHING.


  1. The Malaya has been a fave of mine for years. My mum and I often have mother and daughter catchup over a delicious curry. The fish curries here are also worth a try!

  2. I'll be sure to give it a go! Thank you x

  3. Great article.We love The Malaya too! You can also buy The Malaya Curry Base and Rendang Sauce here at The Culinary Club